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...i despise incredibly green eyes...


1 June
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acting, adam sandler, american dreams, american eagle, angels, ashlee simpson, astrology, backstreet boys, baking, beaches, belly button rings, brand new, bubble baths, bubbles, burger king, butterflies, candles, candy, cape cod, caramel, cherries, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate covered cherries, clothes, clouds, concerts, cotton candy, course of nature, crossfade, dancing, death, disturbed, donnie darko, drama, dreaming, dreams, driving, drowning pool, dvds, earshot, element eighty, elvis, eminem, evanescence, eyes, finch, flip-flops, flirting, food, football, friends, get up kids, glitter, god, guys, hair, hanging out, happiness, hearts, heaven, hoobastank, hugging, hugs, ice, ice cream, ill nino, incubus, jesus, johnny depp, killswitch engage, kisses, kissing, korn, kristin kreuk, lava lamps, lightning, linkin park, lips, love, mall, moon, movies, mudvayne, mushroomhead, music, natalie imbruglia, new york city, new york university, nyu, oasis, pain, parties, penguins, perception, photography, piercings, pink, poetry, powerman 5000, psychology, rain, romance, ryan cabrera, shopping, singing, sky, sleeping, slipknot, smiles, smiling, snow, songs, starbucks, stars, static-x, stone sour, storms, sun, sunrises, sunsets, t.a.t.u., talking, tanning, the butterfly effect, the starting line, thinking, thongs, three days grace, thunder, thunderstorms, trust company, truth, vanilla coke, walking, water, whistling, windy gap, wishing, wondering, writing, writing songs, young life